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Aerification & Overseeding

Aerification & Overseeding

Ever wondered what the impacts of heavy traffic and harsh conditions are on an established lawn or field? You can visibly see the effects such as dead patches and bare spots. Under the surface, the soil becomes impacted preventing nutrients to penetrate the roots. LawnMan wants to help remedy the issue of damaged and stressed turf.

The Process

Aerification is the mechanical process of removing plugs of turf and thatch. This reduces soil compaction and allows oxygen and water to penetrate the roots of the plant. Overseeding is the process of spreading seed across the turf to promote healthy growth.

The Benefits

Aerification & Overseeding will create a thicker and healthier lawn, extending the longevity of your turf and developing a deeper root system to withstand harsh conditions. After LawnMan’s Aerification & Overseeding, your grass will be dense and lush improving the overall appearance of your lawn and landscaping.

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