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Surface Insect & Fire Ant Control

Surface Insect & Fire Ant Control

Various types of insects can be detrimental to a healthy lawn. It is important to stay on top of this potential treat to maintain a healthy and safe lawn. Our professional Surface Insect & Fire Ant control will protect and prevent from these invasive pests. We will ensure that your lawn has the right program to fit its specific needs when it comes to Surface Insect & Fire Ant Control. Allow our professional team of technicians at LawnMan to assess and treat them so you do not have to worry about these harmful bugs taking over your lawn and beds.

This preventative treatment can have a huge impact on the success of your lawn care program and the safety of your family:

  • Chinch Bugs. Chinchbugs will inject grass plants with a toxin & feed on the juices of the grass stems & leaves
  • Billbugs. Billbugs are a type of weevil that feeds on grass & lays eggs in soil causing extensive damage to turf
  • Fire Ants. Fire Ants build large mounds throughout your property, sting animals & people, & can cause damage to your plants as well as your home

Our Surface Insect & Fire Ant Control will keep your lawn free of pests and you worry-free.

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